Alwil Software - makers of avast! antivirus
AVG Technologies - makers of AVG antivirus system
Virustotal, Jotti's malware scan and - free services for online scanning of suspicious files using several antivirus products

Internet services

Fast FTP Search - competent fast file finder on FTP servers, before Lycos brought it to ruin
W3C's HTML Validator
ChangeDetection - monitors changes of WWW pages
Acronym Finder


GeekTools and their WHOIS Proxy - universal Whois service
Sam Spade - wide variety of tools to track and locate spammers and attackers, as well as useful general tracking information
SpamCop - semi-automated spam reporting system (requires registration) - spam complaints forwarding system (requires registration)

Magazines, newspapers and e-zins

NewOrder - news and links related to security, networking, hacking, vulnerabilities, etc.
CoolInfo - source of hot news from hardware and games
PC WORLD - magazine of digital age

Hardware manufacturers, drivers

Sound Blaster by Creative Labs - quazistandard of sound cards, information, support
Asus, First International Computers (FIC), Micro-Star - mainboards
Pinnacle Systems - quality TV tuners
OPTI-UPS, American Power Conversion - UPS
DriverGuide - very useful for finding device drivers; also has links to loads of manufacturers support sites

Internet tools

GetRight - popular download utility
Arachne - WWW browser for DOS


RAR and WinRAR - world's best packers, backup link 1, backup link 2
UPX - world's best executables compressor
aPack - excellent EXE/COM compressor suitable especially for smaller files
Hacker's View, backup link, WWW - undeniable viewer/hexa editor/disassembler, file
QuickView Pro - undeniable viewer of multimedia files - graphics, sound files, animations, FLI, MP3, MOV, AVI and this all without Windows!
PictView - good viewer of many various graphic formats
Dietmar Meschede - S3 VBE/Core 2.0 and S3 Speed Up - great freeware utilities enhancing possibilities of videocards with S3 chips, especially those olders, videoacceleration
NeoPaint - one of the best graphics editors for DOS
Various password breakers - did you forget password?
Altap Salamander - handy little and fast file manager for Windows
Volkov Commander - handy little fast file manager
DOS Navigator - excellent freeware file manager
Necromancer's DOS Navigator - and its still developed elaborate successor for DOS32, Windows and Linux
GetTyp - file type identifier
CuteMouse - very small (only 3.5 KB resident) good universal mouse driver
Links to various good DOS utils
UltraBootCD - The Ultimate Boot CD


Windows 7 Sins - the case against Microsoft and proprietary software
Upgrade from Windows 8
Boycott Microsoft


WinAmp by Nullsoft - not only MP3 player for Windows
MAZ Sound Tools - choice of the best audio players, convertors, rippers, grabbers, compressors and all other possible utilities regarding sound and music, let's name eg. AWE Module Player and XTC-Player
Hornet - demoscene archive, besides graphics demos contains also lots of good MODs
MP3.COM - all regarding MP3
MP3 search service,, Distant Earth, Static 18, Amarok chat - sites dedicated to Mike Oldfield
News about the Irish singer Enya
Ethan Brodsky - various programming libraries for Sound Blaster

Games, game firms and archives, demos, patches

The UnderDogs - home of underrated games
Gosfish Games - mostly freeware games for download
GameGuru - game search service
Blizzard Entertainment - makers of popular games Warcraft, Warcraft II, StarCraft and Diablo, FTP

Missions for Warcraft II

Eldorado (33 KB) - my first old good mission, time of creating, testing a debugging: 6 months :)
Fort Thornton (23 KB) - my best mission, screenshot (67 KB)
Medivh (8 KB) - dungeon in Warcraft II! - remake of mission number 8 for Humans from original Warcraft

Westwood - makers of Dune 2, FTP1, FTP2
Electronic Arts
Microprose - Civilisation II
SSI Online - Steel Panthers
Games Domain

Hardware, processors

AnandTech, Tom's Hardware Guide - servers about news in hardware, reviews, guides, benchmarks and comparisons...
Sandpile - excellent server about processors
x86 - what Intel doesn't want you to know
Riva 3D
Alternative CPU
AMD - K6, Athlon, Duron
3DNow! - server dedicated to 3DNow! technology
Cyrix Corp.
IDT - WinChip C6
Rise - mP6
Real World Tech
SysDoc - various utilities for processors
PowerTweak - CPU optimizer

Information sources

Wikipedia - free internet encyclopedia
Internet Movie Database
Ralf Brown's Interrupt List - unique system manual for programmers
VGADOC - information about VGA videochipsets, synopsis and detection; unfortunately already strongly outdated

Star Trek

Here are plenty of links. However, it is only a fragment of existing ST links (type to Alta Vista "Star Trek" and you have what to do for next 10 years). Links are approximately sorted to three groups: best comprehensive sites, then more narrowly focused secondary links and last less important local specialized links. In each group there are links roughly sorted by quality in descending order from the best to poorer.

Best of Trek - this server should be list of links for selection of the best ST links
Star Trek.COM
Daystrom Institute Technical Library - very good database
The Computer Core Dump - good database
Star Trek: The Next Generation - one of the best sites of this kind
Star Trek in Sound and Vision - pictures, sounds; nice server, for download also screensavers and Windows desktop themes, also LCARS Theme
Star Trek in Sound and Vision - mirror?
Star Trek Voyager - Starfleet Database
Star Trek Continuum
Utopia Planitia - also nice page Star Fleet Weapons

Stellar Cartography - maps
Warp 11 - hot news from the world of Star Trek
SevTrek - cartoon satire
Wolf 359 - pictures of ships in world of ST and Star Wars
Star Trek Discoveries - also Windows desktop themes
Star Trek WT
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Voyager - another link
Pedro's Shiporama
The STArchive
Star Fleet Construction Yards
Game in Java
Stardate, calculation
The 47 Conspiracy - is the number 47 in Star Trek overused? Is it a conspiracy?

Collections of software, archives

ZDnet downloads, formerly SoftSeek
Tucows Downloads
SimTel - mirror of a classical archive
University of West Bohemia

Commodore C64

SIDs (691 KB) - large collection; SID (Sound Interface Device) is: 1. music and audioeffects chip of C64 (computer with the greatest music possibilities among 8-bits) 2. music file with C64 music ported to PC; for SID listening you need special player, for example WinAmp with SIDAmp plug-in or SidPlay for Windows, in DOS SIDPlay or Open Cubic Player
Lemon64 - good C64 portal
Last Ninja Archives - a tribute to C64 games Last Ninja
Frodo - C64 emulator
CCS64 - C64 emulator
Emulation.Net - various emulators

Programming in Pascal and assembler

Free Pascal - freeware Turbo Pascal compatible 32-bit compiler for DOS, Linux, Win32, OS/2 and AmigaOS
TMT Pascal - another good Turbo Pascal compatible 32-bit compiler for DOS, Windows and OS/2
TP Patch - fixes popular bug Crt.Delay.Init in Turbo Pascal


NeoSoftware - various useful graphics, publication and extension applications like NeoPaint


RUFFIDEA - tracks new versions of DOS software
The DR-DOS/OpenDOS Enhancement Project - OpenDOS, open source successor of DR-DOS and Novell DOS


SETI@Home - Search for Extraterrestrial Inteligence at Home - computational projects, namely breaking of 72-bit encryption