Navrátil Software System Information

Version 0.60.45 released 2010-09-09

Professional freeware system information tool, a flagship of Navrátil Software's products.

NSSI is a modern program distinguished by fast, exact and reliable detection. Thanks to its compactness it fits onto a single system diskette, runs also from a USB flash disk, can be easily used to test even computers without an operating system, from the oldest to the latest. It is therefore very handy for example for computer technicians, when buying or upgrading a computer or searching for drivers. NSSI provides comprehensive and understandable overview of all important parameters of your computer.

Main features:

* for some chipsets only

NSSI 0.60.45 is a recommended upgrade.

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Version 1.01 released 2001-05-04

A patch which fixes the problem of Windows 95 OSR2 with previous DOS version.

Download (8 KB)


Version 1.00 released 1997-01-15

This utility may fix an error of mouse driver in Windows 3.x or Windows 95, when mouse arrow moves after start of Windows, but shortly after "freezes".

Download (2 KB)